"...Fantastic place for children if all ages to learn to TouchType. My son (age 15) was concerned he might feel out of place, learning at his age but his tutor is great at making everyone feel welcome and encouraging the best out of students according to them, their age and their ability..."
Sam B (parent)


"...The classes are fun and I am going to carry on. I got 100% on my 2nd day; fantastic..."
Hannah M (student)


"...It's fun and it's helpful and I'm glad I go there. My tutor is the best I've ever had (I've had a lot of tutors). Thank you!..."
William S (student)


"...We travel from Nunhead to Bromley South for our session at Trainy Days. It was the closest touch typing training programme we could find. We decided to start there in the hope that we could find somewhere closer. We have been so impressed, not only with the course but with the sensitive and intelligent approach of our trainer who has endeavoured to engage my son in the training so expertly with such success, that I would travel the same distance again in order to benefit from her expertise. I truly believe that my son began to read because of this course...."
Gill S (parent)


"...I have been taking my daughter to Trainy Days for nearly 2 years now. During this time I have seen a huge improvement in her reading and spelling, and of course in her touch typing skills. At first she found it hard to concentrate and was constantly fidgeting. Her tutor didn't give up, and was there by her side constantly encouraging her whilst being firm when needed. My daughter turned the corner and now gets on with her typing and enjoys it too. She is now typing faster and without needing to keep looking at her hands. Her tutor is professional, yet kind. Altogether, a well worth while course. We'll be sad when it finishes!..."
Molly H (parent)


"...I love the ambience in the class, and I also really appreciate the attentiveness to each pupil..."
Patricia R (parent)


"...I never imagined my son would be able to touch type and sure enough he can. It's a very organised group, and the children get on with the modules very well. I have recommended the class to my friends and will continue to do so..."
Debs M (parent)


"...As a parent, I am extremely happy with Trainy Days. My daughter really enjoys coming to the lessons and is always made to feel welcome..."
Amanda C (parent)


"...Being taught by Trainy Days about what Inspiration has to offer has been a revelation for both myself and my daughter. Our training session was excellent and very personable. It has confirmed to us that Inspiration will be a great tool in assisting my daughter with all her GCSE coursework and making it more manageable. Our trainer's assistance & professionalism throughout has only added to this experience. Many thanks..."
Angela M (parent)


"...Thank you very much. It has helped me a lot..."
Patrick S (student)


"...It's fun..."
Callum S (student)


"...Fantastic touch typing classes for kids, highly recommended! Our tutor is a very kind, friendly and patient teacher and she is great with kids. She makes the sessions fun and rewarding with fiddle toys, games and rest breaks (hypermobile hands and fingers can get sore!) and gives the kids little prizes for completing modules. She also runs competitions which really work to keep the kids engaged! My daughter is visually impaired, dyslexic and has hypermobilty making handwriting very difficult. She has been coming to Trainy Days classes for two and a half years and is now a competent touch typer and has a laptop at school so she can type all her work instead of writing. This will also apply to her GCSE exams which will help her massively..."
Fay B (parent)